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Purple Pineapple is a Restaurant Technology & Dispensary Software, Payments and CBD e-Commerce provider that helps take care of your business.

Taking the fear out of technology decisions since 2008

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Technology offers a means to speed up processes and improve the customer experience.

We trust in being thorough, using over 40 years’ experience taking the fear out of technology decisions. A rare software knowledge base of all restaurant technology & dispensary software, with the latest in digital payments.
Compare integrated restaurant systems software & dispensary online ordering solutions to help you master operational efficiency.
We’ll show you how to create an exceptional guest experience, and squeeze customer data for every drop of insight.  All so you can focus on doing what you love!
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  • EASE OF USE 95% 95%

Cloud POS for Restaurants

Connect competitive analysis of all your sales channels, business operations, staff, customer insights, takeout, delivery solutions, self-service kiosk, tablet POS, unique rewards, all in one easy peasy.  Now is the time!

Dispensary Payment Processing

Financial services that don’t crumble when it’s found out you are cannabis related.  FDIC – Insured Financial Services and Technology on all aspects of your cannabis dispensary business plan.

Mobile Ordering Systems

Drive contactless business, Boost revenue, and increase efficiency with a fully integrated handheld restaurant operating system.  Delight guests inside, outside, drive-through, curbside, and mobile.

Restaurant Management Software

Gain insights and master efficiency.  Streamline all your operations in no time, now a single platform can power your reporting, labor and payroll, and location management.

Goodbye POS!

No longer just at the point of sale, your customers now live in an always connected world where they interact with everything around them via social media, web searches and QR codes, and their brand loyalty is based on a combination of these interactions and their experiences at your restaurant. For these customers it is difficult to figure out when the sales process begins and ends as it is blurred by their use of online and offline resources.

In this new restaurant technology world, digital marketing information must be user designed to a customers’ specific purchase histories and patterns. Owners must develop a loyalty program strategy focused on personalized offers based on predicting customer behavior to cash in on the ever-growing daily deal audience. Offers not based on specific customer behavior analytics can become noise pollution and spam.

Seamless integration
Mobile Ordering System
Feature rich mobile application
Lightning Fast 20 second online ordering

Expand Your Digital Footprint

The most important piece of real estate is Inside Your Customers Smart Phone!

Here’s a name we know, Chipotle. Their digital sales soared 216% during the second quarter of 2020 and recently pledged to hire 10,000 new workers as digital orders drive sales growth.

Let us help you compete with the big dogs and dominate online.  It is much easier for customers to discover new restaurants with online ordering when they are on multiple platforms.

Restaurant Delivery

  • Color-coded order timers to prevent late deliveries
  • One-touch, real-time driver tracking with EyeDelivery
  • Delivery reminders by item to ensure order accuracy
  • Integrated Caller ID management including real-time order statistics
  • Integrated mapping using Google Maps data with turn-by-turn direction

Inventory-Food Costing

  • Complete inventory management comparing Ideal vs. Actual Analysis
  • Recipe and Menu Costing
  • Forced Inventory Item Counts for Daily or Weekly basis
  • Recipes and portions for ingredients, batches & items
  • Waste tracking
  • Manage vendors and purchase order integrations

Real-time Reporting

  • Labor costing and percentage
  • Labor Warnings with ‘Overtime’ and ‘Minor on the clock’ alerts
  • Quick toggle between All Day and Current Hour
  • Analysis break down of KPI data for every half hour
  • Create unlimited custom report groups

Automated Email Reports

  • Set up multiple end-of-day report packages to automatically email your staff and keep them informed
  • Packages can be automatically generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Comprehensive analysis of menu, cash control, coupons, and discounting
  • Audit reports by employee
  • Customizable report packages can be emailed, printed, or saved

Linga rOS

Flexible Restaurant Operating Software, mobile & online ordering, loyalty & rewards, and reporting & management for every restaurant type.

Kitchen Management System

  • Configurable ticket display, size, and color of font
  • Priority order type configuration to expedite walk-in orders
  • Robust settings display previous or additional items
  • Color-coded order timer to alert staff when orders are late
  • Order stages configured to accommodate KDS with print functionality
  • Customizable print sequencing and audio alerts

Labor System

  • Employee messaging system allows effective communication between shifts
  • Complete employee scheduling solution that monitors scheduled labor percentages
  • Employees can print personalized schedules via Time Clock entry
  • Custom labor types and the ability to assign multiple job codes to one employee
  • Multiple payroll company integrations

Security/Theft Controls

  • Fingerprint recognition with option to require for maximum security
  • Flexible security configurations allow for customizable settings by Labor Type or on an individual basis
  • Multiple remote video surveillance and security integrations
  • Employee time clock audit to monitor time clock changes
  • Time clock locks to prevent employees from clocking in early

Loyalty Program

  • Manage all your locations with one portal log-in
  • Create loyalty programs which can be set up independently with custom store groups
  • Customer rewards can be managed from any of your own branded ordering platforms
  • Point and reward configurations can be quickly and easily updated at anytime

Bitcoin Payment Processing

My how technology has changed our lives.  Purple Pineapple is excited to be one of the first merchant services providers to offer Bitcoin payment processing to both e-commerce and retail merchants.

Accept Bitcoin payments on chain and via lightning with instant settlement at current Bitcoin price, and the ability to receive any percentage of Bitcoin or Fiat after the sale; inquire more with us today.

– Seamless setup with all e-commerce and brick and mortar restaurant technology, dispensary software solutions


Unlike traditional forms of money, Bitcoin cannot be counterfeited or reserved by a sender. There’s, therefore, no chance of fraud or chargebacks – which is a big win for merchants!


That’s right, using Bitcoin no more domestic, and international transfer fees and traditional bank wait times!


One look at the conversations on our Twitter page will show that the demand for Bitcoin payments is there. If your customers are asking for it, shouldn’t you consider giving it to them?


If you wish to accept Bitcoin payments for your business, the easiest way to get started is to give us a call at (949) 427-8313 – option 3.  A friendly member of our team will help you begin accepting Bitcoin payments and receiving funds directly to your bank account.

Interested in accepting Bitcoin as payment?

Call us today at (949) 427-8313. opt 3.

Web Design Services & SEO

Disrupt your competition by investing in SEO services tailored to your business.  And it doesn’t even have to be restaurant technology, dispensary software related.  Search Engine Optimization is the long-term strategy of increasing new visits to your website by optimizing your content and building your website rank. We have partnered with IOI Solutions to bring you next level Web Design & SEOs services.

✔ Increase Web Traffic

✔ Build Online Reputation

✔ Boost Online Sales

✔ Improve Google Ranking

Image of computer screen displaying SEO technology services

No Contact with Contactless Curbside Delivery

Send a link to your customers via text or email so they can check in upon arrival. Staff receives alerts to let team members know when a customer has arrived. Staff delivers order to the customer’s vehicle or notifies them to approach the building to collect their order.  Featuring integrated solutions for both restaurant technology & dispensary software platforms.

Restaurant Digital Ordering

Mobile ordering is necessary. We understand this and so provide a mobile ordering system for restaurants; designed and developed all exclusive for each client. Gone are the days of generic to go order layouts; each app is a personal brand to their own aesthetic.

No Commission & Unlimited Ordering

Depending upon the service, the fee can range from 10 to 35% for every single order. With us, it’s one flat monthly fee. We integrate your restaurant online ordering platform via your app and any existing website you may have; all to one place.

Restaurant POS Integration, Mobile in-app Payments

Orders will synchronize directly into your POS or via email, SMS, management app, Bluetooth, or ethernet printer. We have worked extensively with many industries leading POS providers to integrate seamlessly with your app. Life is easier with us!

Adaptive Insights, Analytics & Reporting

You own all your customer’s data through an easy to navigate database. Easily market to opt-in customers without having to pay more. Custom reporting, menu performance, and more in-depth analysis easily available.


Dispensary POS Software

With the growing acceptance and popularity of medical and recreational marijuana in many US states, there is a legitimate need for cannabis and cbd merchant account services.  Integrated with our dispensary delivery software and direct to consumer platform, handle the demand for marijuana delivery services which are on the rise.

The way this type of business runs calls for a form of safe, compliant, efficient, and cost-effective payment processing solution. Whether you are an online retailer, wholesaler, or distributor needing software for fleet management, we work with you to find the dispensary software solutions that satisfy your business’s needs.

We supply innovative processing solutions to meet the needs of emerging restaurant technology, dispensary software trends supporting business to business, retail and cbd eCommerce environments. Our real-time integrated consumer verification, product detail, and state mandate functionality deliver tremendous value to our clients and the bank relationships.

Managed Services

Of course, we understand that running a successful and efficient business is a science of a thousand details. Thankfully, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is here to help. We provide a stable platform of ongoing support and vigilance, as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

IT Networking Security

Our team expertly installs, manages, and watches your network health.  A stable network is “the bedrock” upon which your entire business runs and why network security is important.

Too often, this crucial part is simply overlooked or underestimated. We have seen entire businesses take massive damages due to a simple error in firewall network security configuration. We can help.

Wi-Fi Is More Than Just Free Wi-Fi

What do customers do when they get to an establishment? They get on whatever free Wi-Fi is offered. Too often this is simply entering a password and the process ends there. We understand the true power of the customer experience.

Why not turn this basic almost automatic process into revenue with personalized campaigns driven by customer profiles and visit behavior?  So, 85% more of your first-time customers come back again, and they are five times more likely to remain loyal!

See how a secure and properly configured wireless network integrated with your loyalty program system, can be another form of customer engagement with our easy wifi onboarding.

Online Reputation Management & Data Analytics Tools

Review Trackers

  • Manage your online reviews within a single platform – critically important now as more consumers than ever are shopping online and evaluating companies via their online presence
  • Effortlessly aggregate your business reviews on Google and 10+ review sites – including Facebook, Trip advisor and Yelp for business reviews – into one dashboard anywhere of actionable data to perfect your ratings and how you appear to online searchers
  • Capitalize on alerts through a companion mobile app to empower you to respond to positive and negative reviews in real-time, allowing you to manage your business reputation when it has never mattered more

Local Listings

  • Make sure customers have the best experience engaging with you, even when business conditions change – with the ability to simultaneously manage and update business-critical information like hours of operation and phone numbers seamlessly across all core review sites

Cloud Back Up & Disaster Recovery

What is your current disaster recovery plan?  All is well and good until it simply isn’t?  What then? We understand that the unexpected happens on time every time.  Everything from Trustwave Compliance to redundant server security; long gone are the days your basic avast free antivirus software was all you downloaded.

Everybody has heard of a data breach, but very few have experienced one. We have and we can help you be prepared.

Live Support - Phone, On-Site, and Remote

Isn’t it aggravating to speak to a robot during a crisis? We know and we hate that too.  Nothing like your standard in home support services. There is always a trained human somewhere with IT support 24-7 that can answer the phone for help. Especially during those chaotic moments!

If our team of techs cannot resolve the problem lightning fast via our remote technology support system; you can be sure a tech will be dispatched and on their way to you. Time is money!

Let the Pros Handle It

Unlike traditional legacy POS systems, emerging restaurant technology is an ecosystem with multi-layered intricacies working simultaneously.  Our managed services team of IT restaurant technology professionals understand how this works and ensure a stable and efficient business experience.

That is us, working quietly behind the scenes to ensure your future restaurant technology services integrity is in its best condition, reducing the probability of costly downtime.

24/7 Uptime Network Monitoring

We catch problems before they become factual issues. Preventing a problem is far better than fixing one.

On Site & Remote Support

When the unthinkable happens and it hits the fan; we have you covered. Fortune favors the prepared.

40+ Years of Experience

There are lessons that only experience will teach. We can help you avoid expensive ones.

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Be Conscious; Work Responsibly.

Purple Pineapple uses on-site environmental assessments of your current business practices to make targeted and sustainable recommendations, and we don’t stop there. We facilitate implementation and provide the resources and tools to execute environmentally conscious restaurant technology, dispensary software policies and practices.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our clients range from businesses that are franchises, to large charitable organizations and some small locale store businesses that are striving to expand. We meet each restaurant technology, dispensary software or CBD eCommerce business challenge. Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it.

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