Cannabis Bank Accounts Made Easy.

Get Access to Business Cannabis Bank Accounts-FDIC-Insured Financial Services for your Cannabis Business

Financial Solutions Your Cannabis Business Deserves

Access to FDIC-Insured Business Bank Account

Business Payments

Cash Management

Complete Control with Access to FDIC – Insured Banking

Transact in your business’ name from safe and compliant cannabis bank accounts FDIC backed.  Manage business finances with no limits on deposits, schedule secure cash pick-ups, pay bills, send invoices, earn interest on excess funds and more from one place.

Sell Where You Want with Flexible Merchant Processing

Our solutions let dispensaries accept electronic payments in-store, online or at delivery. Get more of your money with no rolling reserves. Offer a hassle-free checkout experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Let us be your guide in an ever changing competitive field.

We have you covered.

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Streamline Business Payments with Online Invoicing

Billing clients and managing invoices stressing you out? With our secure gateway, create and process Electronic Checks, send Email Invoices, and even Accept Payments Online (or integrate into your current systems via API). Get SAME or NEXT DAY credit for your transactions at All Banks in the U.S.

You are a great candidate for our e-check solution if you:

  • Accept transactions of high amount and credit card processing fees are expensive.
  • Have difficulty applying for a merchant account: we work with CBD oil, kratom, drug paraphernalia, and cannabis merchants among all other industries.

Program Features

  • Easy & fast approvals
  • Give your customers the convenience to withdraw money in your store.
  • E-checks clearing & settlement same day or next day
  • U.S. banks
  • Affordable pricing compared to credit card processing
  • Good to use as an alternative payment option for your business

Premier Business Banking

Grow your business from a solid foundation of financial services that doesn’t crumble when banks discover you are a cannabis-related business.

Secure Deposits

Protect and monitor your money in a FDIC-Insured online account. No limits to cash, ACH or wire deposits.

No Shutdowns

Deposit money, pay employees, write checks, transfer money and more without fear of any sudden shutdowns because you’re a cannabis business.


Watch Your Money Grow

Earn interest on excess money in an interest-generating account.

Control and Manage Finances in Your Business’ Name

Be cautious, some other providers may offer to hold your money

in their business account and transact on your business’ behalf.

Under these circumstances, your money is not protected.

Don’t give your money away.

Why not give your business a financial technology makeover!

cannabis dispensary cash pickups

Enhance Security Measures with Cash Management Services


Don’t Compromise Your Safety.  Get cash picked up from the safety of your place of business. Schedule convenient cash pick-ups from your business location. Cash is deposited to your account for quick access the next business day.

Your Money is Always Yours

Your money is always held at a FDIC-insured bank. Run your business with the peace-of-mind knowing your hard-earned money is in good hands.

your cannabis bank account your money