Restaurant Delivery Platforms & Curbside Orders

Delivery is the most unique and demanding sector of the food service industry. Purple Pineapple restaurant delivery platforms & curbside order management systems bring together a single solution for order taking, curbside pickup, delivery, kitchen production, drivers, and reporting.

Restaurant delivery mapping platform

Delivery Management, Simplified

Our Cloud POS helps restaurant operators monitor their restaurant delivery platforms & curbside orders as they set customer expectations for each.

  • Know where your active drivers are going, and time order was delivered
  • Identify drivers’ trip route with color segments
  • View past trips by date, driver, and order number
  • Destination information passed to driver for each order through the app
  • Stay ahead of your competition with deep metrics on your drivers en-route, all current orders, orders on time, and late orders, based on your defined HUB settings

Perfect Your Delivery Operations

Our Delivery POS incorporates features that are critical for your restaurant’s delivery service to be successful. Improve the entire process from placing an order, to making the food, to delivery with order stage auditing and alerts.

  • Intuitive driver dispatch screen, with color-coded order timing, alerts, and order detail review
  • Reminders to help drivers remember all the items before they leave the restaurant
  • Foolproof cash management tools
  • Tip split declaration for drivers and in-store staff
  • Pop up message upon dispatch displays drivers estimated “on the road” time and the time the driver should return to the restaurant
  • “Driver Late Return” visual indicator on the driver dispatch screen
restaurant delivery driver wearing red hat, vest and delivery bag
Manage Restaurant delivery Google maps POS integration

Seamless POS Integration with Google Maps

Our Google Maps integration sends drivers on the shortest route for deliveries using the most up-to-date mapping engine, ensuring the best food delivery management possible.


  • Real-time mapping updates for newly developed areas
  • Fastest, most efficient route based on current traffic conditions
  • Print turn-by-turn directions on dispatch receipt printer
  • Google Maps driving instructions can be sent from the POS to cell phones
  • Driver mileage is calculated by Google Maps and recorded for each run
  • Quickly determine your highest performing drivers by comparing estimated drive time versus actual drive time

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Delivery & Takeout Specials Managed in POS

Our Cloud POS ensures complete control and tracking of your coupons, discounts, and promotions accross all restaurant delivery platforms & curbside orders.


  • Easy coupon configuration to ensure appropriate item discounting and prevent over-discounting
  • Extensive coupon configurations: create by order type, apply by time and date, and more
  • Coupon stacking prevention and other tools to stop common discounting abuses
  • Reduce training and clutter, one coupon can accommodate multiple deals with Pick Any and Required Item features
delivery management
Revention POS mobile ordring smart phone image with login

Maintain a Superior Customer Database

Your customer database is worth gold – treat it that way! Our Cloud POS has put controls in place to assist your staff in creating and maintaining an accurate customer record.


  • Integrated call management system provides customer and order status within the restaurant’s caller ID screen
  • Caller ID filter prevents random text from populating the customer record
  • Security will lock down street list to maintain integrity & prevent errors
  • Zones & grids configuration will auto-populate the zip code

Enable Your Customers No Contact Delivery

Let your customers choose how and where they want their food with a contactless restaurant delivery & curbside order option.

  •  Empower your guests to choose delivery to their door without a direct hand off by their driver.
  • Message notes can be saved to a customer’s profile for future orders and to promote offers.
  • Keep more money in your pocket with in-house delivery instead of paying commissions to third parties.
Revention POS mobile ordring smart phone image with login

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Food safetwy labels delivery and curbside pickup

Give peace of mind with tamper evident receipt food labels


As curbside pickup and delivery become more prevalent and news stories of third-party delivery drivers tasting customers food surfaces in the media, guests have heightened concerns about how their food order is secured. ​

Ease their minds with easy-to-print receipt labels that ensure order accuracy and seal their orders. This convenient receipt label fits a wide variety of takeaway bags, boxes and containers and provides comfort to your guests in the food they are about to enjoy. ​

  • Secure: Reassure your guests’ food is packaged securely and untouched during delivery 
  • Adaptable: Easy to use on a variety of boxes, bags and containers​
  • Configurable: Modify the format to best suit your containers and packaging​

Grow Your Business with On-Demand Logistics Services

Our Cloud POS with online ordering seamlessly integrates with DoorDash and others to enhance restaurant delivery operations and/or streamline existing delivery operations.

  • Request drivers anytime and only when needed
  • No need to manage multiple third-party delivery services and/or in-house delivery team
  • Augment in-house delivery team to accommodate for peak times, unexpected surge of orders and outside of standard areas
  • Build your brand, customer engagement and increase sales
On Demand delivery drivers with Doordash Drive