Remote Management Software

Remote management software programs allow you to monitor your financials on a real-time basis.  Because you’re not on-site, it’s particularly important to take advantage of technology to monitor business data frequently so you notice problem areas as fast as possible.

Technological innovations allow a remote manager greater insight into restaurant operations than ever before.  See what kind of business your restaurant is doing and serve as a check on employee behavior.

Restaurant Analytics Solution

Our software offers restaurant analytics that provide a web-based, real-time view across multiple fronts including web reports, dashboard, and a mobile app, enabling you to access your real time POS data 24/7 and stay connected and in control of your business

Multiple Location

Prepare for growth with our enterprise reporting.  Software user access scales with your establishments – User permissions and access for location managers, store owners, regional directors and franchise owners.

Allow your team to view and compare data as single locations side by side or consolidated reports for multiple locations including sales, labor, and more.

Anytime, Anywhere

As a restaurant owner, we know your day never stops. Our solution allows you to connect to your reports and your data whether you are on the go via your mobile device, from the comfort of your home, or any location within your restaurant.

We can even automatically send you reports for pre-shift, mid-shift, and post-day information to keep you in the know.

Grow your business

Use your remote management software restaurant analytics to collect and report on customer data that can be leveraged to predict future sales, and tailor the right promotions to the right customers at the right time.

Your data is available to third party Marketing and Promotion companies, put your data to work for you.

Restaurant Security Cameras

We offer a full-fledged modern surveillance system that provides far more than your average “visual deterrent.” 4K resolution cameras mean that you can see everything—from the license plate of those folks who just dined and dashed, to the amount of cash that makes it into the drawer of your POS system on each transaction.

Long gone are the days of the “surveillance room” with a wall of screens and dozing security guard. Your entire system is self-contained, offering remote access from any device and real-time alerts to let you know when something might be fishy.


Restaurants and retail locations are at far greater risk for crime and theft than most businesses. Cameras can help deter thieves and or apprehend them if necessary.


Constant surveillance means you can keep an eye on your employees and how the business is running day-to-day. Caution: you might find things aren’t as efficient as you thought.



If an altercation arises in your business, you need to know every detail. Luckily, cameras that store their footage securely tend to be good at keeping track of details


In our experience, people tend to behave themselves better when they’re on camera. Less interpersonal disputes mean happier employees and a better working environment.


Surveillance systems can lower your insurance premiums, plus they always result in fewer claims with your provider.


Even just one incident can bring you an instant return on your investment. Whether it’s the deciding factor in a lawsuit or the piece of evidence you need to apprehend a thief

Let us be your guide in an ever changing competitive field.

We have you covered.

Hosted VOIP Business Phone System

What does Hosted Voice Over IP mean exactly?  It’s a restaurant phone system that works just like any old landline, but it’s all done over the internet and the technical bits are stored in the cloud.  It’s just like your normal business-class phone system… Only cheaper, easier to use, more functional, managed through the cloud, So, actually… It’s nothing like your old system.

Cloud Storage

Forget a physical server or any of that other baloney. You’ve got a phone and we’ve got the rest—voicemail storage, automated responses and more. And it’s all in the cloud.

Full Functionality

Everything your old phone did and more.  It’s a complete phone system (or PBX) in the cloud. Automated attendants, transferring, rockin’ hold music and more.


Choose from any of our top of the line phones, including conference speakers, wireless sets, and more. Oh, and we’ll come install it, configure it,

Mobile Extensions

Mobile extensions mean you can ditch your office phone and have all the functionality you need wherever, whenever. And don’t worry—you can set your own restrictions so you’re not on call 24/7.

Low Cost

One initial setup fee, and one monthly rate per line. We guarantee it’ll be between 15-40% cheaper than what you’ve got.


Fully Integrated

Have you ever said, “I wish I could configure the OAuth permissions myself?” Well, do we have a treat for you. We’ve got all the integrations you could ever need—from SalesForce to WordPress and more.

Smart Site Monitoring

Proactively monitor and manage food safety, operations, and overall venue health.



Sensors enable you to wirelessly monitor critical equipment and sites 24/7, provide real-time reporting, and interactive dashboards with alert notifications via SMS. Utilize analytics to optimize your operations, reduce costs and mitigate liabilities.

Simplify how you monitor refrigerators, freezers, doorways, power or equipment outages, water damage, transportation paths, and more. The cloud-enabled, wireless, IoT solution includes sensors to monitor temperature, isolated chemicals, humidity, water, voltage, vibration, and motion to deliver real-time alerts and data. Create your own thresholds and reporting guidelines for data in the easy to use remote management software dashboard.

How It Works


Wireless sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water presence, motion, vibration, door open/close and more. The sensor transmits data via UHF or BLE to a cloud-enabled Bridge. Each matchbox-sized sensor is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery.


The Bridge acquires sensor data and securely transmits data to the Cloud using Wi-Fi, Ethernet and/or Cellular. Each bridge has on-board memory to store up to two weeks of sensor data while not connected to the Cloud


All data is securely sent to the Cloud and is web viewable on your computer or smartphone.  Unique analytical capabilities extend monitoring to include a deep understanding of asset utilization and operational compliance.


The dashboard is configured to monitor and track all data in the Cloud. Multiple thresholds and alerts can be set separately for each sensor to supply notifications via SMS text, email, and phone call.

Let us be your guide in the ever-changing face of technology.

We have you covered.