Restaurant Management System

Restaurant technology built for the digital age of today

Operate your entire restaurant effectively, with features that help you become more competitive, gain actionable insights and master efficient operations.

Our Cloud POS restaurant management system helps you drive more orders, analyze sales data, track inventory, connect with customers and manage employees.

Built on an integrated platform for restaurant operators who want to dominate across every ordering channel.

Accept Orders & Payments at the Table

A complete cloud-based “order & and pay-at-the-table” solution, is the safest and the most convenient way to increase table turns & tips, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction. Full mobility with Wi-Fi and LTE!


  • Give Your Customers the Ability to Order & Pay From Their Table
  • Speed Up The Order & Check Out Process, Reduce Costs
  • Increase Table Turn Times


order and pay at table
restaurant text to order

Start connecting with your customers through text ordering and text marketing


Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate*? Having a strong digital ordering and digital marketing strategy that includes text is not just a nice-to-have, it is key to success for many of today’s new restaurant concepts.


  • Text to Order directly from a smartphone
  • Reduce processing times, particularly for repeat orders
  • Open a text marketing channel with promotions and discounts based on historical ordering patterns

Self-Ordering Kiosk for Restaurants

Get more speed, more customer convenience, and immediate ROI with a self-serve Kiosk.

 Popular checkout method – Quickly order and pay

  • Increase Sales – Add promos and specials
  • Decrease wait times – Available when in a rush
  • Better Service Overall – Some prefer people, some don’t
  • Elegant technology – Powerful tool with a touch of class
drive more sales kiosk
digital ordering made easy

Digital Ordering Made Easy for Concepts of All Sizes 

A digital ordering platform to reach more customers, service new guests and become more competitive.

  • Customized design to fit your brand
  • Wow your customers with easy ordering and robust loyalty
  • Drive more revenue with off-premises ordering
  • In-depth data insights to track order progression
  • No-contact built-in features for curbside or delivery


Just Imagine!  Your Restaurant, Streamlined. 

Now Is the Time!

Loyalty & Rewards That Delight

Identify your best customers by frequency and spend and keep them coming back with a robust loyalty platform.

 Simple to setup – fully customizable

  • Customers can quickly and easily enroll
  • Engage on mobile, online and in-store
  • Secure, single-use reward codes
  • Know your customers better with real-time insights
loyalty and rewards that delight
Configurable delivery and curbside services

Delivery & Takeout, Simplified

Service guests on their terms. Configurable delivery and curbside services with your drivers or leverage a third-party partner.

  • Simplified order look-up and real-time mapping of orders and drivers
  • Integrated kitchen display helps staff stay on track
  • Real-time mapping of orders and drivers
  • Operate multiple delivery zones, seamlessly
  • Reduce costs with driver tracking, caller ID and on-demand coordination
  • Increase repeat business with greater guest satisfaction


Effortlessly Benchmark Your Business, No Matter Your Concept Size

Measure business health with real-time reporting and gain actionable insights to streamline your operations and drive growth with our integrated reporting and management HUB.

  • Multi-store operations from anywhere, at your fingertips
  • Improve store efficiencies with integrated driver organization
  • Save time pulling reports with point-of-sale managed in one place
  • Dive into vital above store insights for a 360 view of your operations
  • Document repository for compliance and governance
  • Own your data with fully integrated Point-of-Sale
Manage your restaurant data

Why Not give yourself a technology upgrade?

We have you covered.

Own Your Customer Data

Restaurant owners realize the benefits of owning their customer data. They have processes in place to make sure they can optimize their data and put it to the best use possible. Owning your customer data allows you to:

  • Better Understand Customers: learn when they’re most likely to place an online order, how much they’re willing to spend, and which promotions appeal to which types of customers
  • Communicate More Effectively: efficiently communicate and market to your customer base by learning how and when they like to be reached
  • Retain Customers: with any relationship, the foundation of trust is built with effective communication and understanding. Owning your customer data gives you a better understanding of customer needs and how to address them
customer data management