Rewards Create Lifelong Relationships

We need to have a different approach to loyalty.  We think you can do more than keep customers: you can create lifelong relationships.  Which means knowing not only what guests order, but also how, when, and where.  It means keeping their buying habit information right at your fingertips so you can make customers loyal for life by personalizing their experiences.


Promote repeat business and happier customers for your restaurant

Loyalty Program Software Features

Promote repeat business and happier customers for your restaurant through our restaurant loyalty program. Our loyalty service provides a complete customer experience that connects with all solutions.


  • Manage all your locations with one portal log-in
  • Create loyalty programs which can be set up independently with custom store groups
  • Customer rewards can be managed from any of our ordering platforms
  • Point and reward configurations can be quickly and easily updated at anytime

How It All Works

Restaurant loyalty programs are a proven approach at increasing sales and customer retention while growing your brand and reputation.

  • Customer loyalty data is communicated in real-time through all ordering platforms.
  • Customers can be easily enrolled with just their first and last name, phone number, and email.
  • Your employees can easily look-up member accounts using the customer’s phone number, email, or membership ID number.
  • Rewards points are automatically calculated and issued to the customer’s account during the purchase process. No additional steps are needed.
  • Loyalty members will receive automatic account status updates after their completed order.
  • Loyalty members can review their current point standings and available rewards through your branded Online Ordering website or mobile applications.


how restaurant customer loyalty software works

Why Not give yourself a technology upgrade?  We have you covered.

Restaurant owners realize benifit of owning thier customer data

Own Your Customer Data!

Restaurant owners realize the benefits of owning their customer data. They have processes in place to make sure they can optimize their data and put it to the best use possible. Owning your customer data allows you to:


  • Better Understand Customers: learn when they’re most likely to place an online order, how much they’re willing to spend, and which promotions appeal to which types of customers
  • Communicate More Effectively: efficiently and effectively communicate and market to your customer base by learning how and when they like to be reached
  • Retain Customers: with any relationship, the foundation of trust is built with effective communication and understanding. Owning your customer data gives you a better understanding of customer needs and how to address them
How long will set up take before our restaurant can implement a customer loyalty program?

Loyalty set-up typically takes 7-10 business days to complete. Once customer loyalty software purchase is complete, a System Integration specialist will reach out to coordinate configuration and up-times based on your store’s operating hours.

Are there limits to the customer database size, transactions, or emails sent?

No! With  Loyalty it’s one time investment with unlimited admins, unlimited customer communications, unlimited loyalty member profiles, and unlimited transactions.

How will my customers sign up for my loyalty program?

Customers can register for your loyalty program by creating an account on your own branded Online Ordering website, through your own branded Mobile App, or during their next in-store visit. No purchase is required, so you can have your customers sign up online so they don’t have to wait in line!

How do I set up customer promotions?

You have the power to build program rules whenever you want. Log into your own branded Loyalty management portal and use the intuitive rule generator to specify times, days of the week, items or dollars spent to qualify for a reward.

Convenient Customer Experience

Allowing customers to control their online and mobile food ordering experience promotes repeat business. Through your restaurant online ordering platform customers can:

  • Order as a guest
  • Use a Facebook account to login
  • Set up an account & save multiple delivery addresses
  • Save past & favorite orders
  • Enroll in the Loyalty Program or Email Club
  • Place future orders
  • Store their credit card in the Mobile App

Remember:  Rewards Create Lifelong Relationships for restaurant customers.

Customer experience ease of ordering

Just Imagine!  Your Restaurant Streamlined  Now Is the Time!

Know your loyalty customers

Recognize Who and Where Your Customers Are

Get easy access to your customer database so you can create offers that will attract more people just like them! Plus, update existing customer data easily.

  • Require specific customer fields by order type
  • A detailed account of all previous orders
  • Multiple phone number and address storage
  • Loyalty tracking
  • Auto-populate cities and states by zip code