Contactless Technology & Restaurant Payments

Contactless Technology & Restaurant Payments trends for today’s business.  The way in which we interact is shifting and evolving fast. Keep your business running today, and future proof for the digital economy tomorrow.

Contactless Curbside Pickup

Mobile order-ahead has quickly gone from a new phenomenon to a key differentiator as restaurants and customers alike enjoy its benefits.

Easy Adoption

No changes are needed to your current online or phone-based ordering process.  Provide the self-check-in URL to your customers without any changes to your current systems.

Customer Checks In

Once the customer provides their location information, an entry into our online portal is immediately created, and you’re made aware of the customer’s onsite presence and their location.


No-Contact Delivery

Your staff is alerted on our platform that a customer has arrived, their location, and their order number. Rapidly provide your customers with no-contact curbside delivery

Contactless Restaurant Payments

Implementing contactless and cashless payment technology not only helps restaurants give customers a frictionless experience that doesn’t require their wallets, but also keeps employees and customers healthier.

Limiting the physical exposure employees have between currency and food keeps the restaurant hygienic and clean. Additionally, with mobile wallets and value-added service (VAS) programs from Apple and Google, restaurants can simplify the sign-up process for loyalty programs and drive more targeted information to customers.

Contactless Payments for Restaurants, Bars, Live Venues

Never wait to pay a tab again! Contactless payment platform that integrates directly into existing POS systems without adding extra hardware or workflow.

Never hand over cash or credit card again.

With our contactless solution, never hand over cash or credit card to a bartender or server again.



Pay your tab with industry leading security.

Protects your payment info with industry-leading security technologies so you can pay with peace of mind.


Apple and Google Pay Integrated

Instantly add a payment to your  account with Apple Pay and Google Pay. (Don’t worry, all major credit cards are accepted too).

How it Works

people on mobile phones sitting down


Guests select the venue within the app, automatically generating a check in the existing POS.

Contactless payments restaurant


They then order with a server or bartender like normal and say they are using the app.

customer controls payments cell phone contactless payment app open with cocktail


Staff simply add items on their open check and serve as normal. Guests see a live update of ordered items on the app.

customer closing out contactless bar tab on mobile phone blck iphone with mans hand


Guests select a tip and close their tab in the app and the location gets paid directly.

Seamless Integration to your existing POS

Micros POS Contactless in-app payments
Square POS Online Ordering Integration
Dinerware online ordering integration
Positouch POS CBS Northstar
Aloha POS Contactless in-app payments
Focus POS Contactless in-app payments

Let us be your guide in an ever changing competitive field.

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Mobile Ordering

The smart phone and mobile devices have become invaluable to the restaurant trade. They are and will continue to be, a tool to be welcomed and utilized for the entrepreneur start up trader, and the experienced restaurateur. Stay at home diners can order home delivery, or pickup/curbside if your site has the provision to keep up with demands for this basic of technology.

Mobile Ordering System

Streamlined and customized for each restaurant, our Mobile App is one of the most secure and stable products on the market. To date, 1000+ of our customized mobile ordering apps have been created – that’s more active apps than any other comparable company.

The Mobile App flows effortlessly and logically walks each customer through the ordering process.  Our integrated mobile ordering system features:


  • A custom app, designed and branded for your restaurant, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms
  • The ability to easily update all Online Ordering tools and settings through real-time, automatic synchronization, including changes to your online ordering menu
  • An unlimited number of restaurant locations
  • Enhanced management reporting features get real-time access to Key Performance Indicators

Lightning Fast, 20-Second Online Ordering

The Digital Ordering Mobile App now includes a quick four button re-ordering process.

How does it work?

Our mobile ordering system saves user-profiles and payment information. Therefore, when a repeat customer returns to place an order on your restaurant’s mobile app, the re-order process will literally take the push of four buttons to complete their next food order.

This enhanced 4-keystroke feature takes the convenience and speed of restaurant mobile ordering to an entirely new level of convenience

Feature Rich Mobile Application

Digital Ordering allows your customers to order as a guest, have multiple addresses, save their favorite orders, create future orders, and log in with their Facebook account. With the Mobile App, customers can order in as little as four keystrokes.


  • Easy customers log in through Facebook
  • Guest ordering option
  • Saves customer’s favorite orders
  • 20 Second order process
  • Custom delivery zones for each restaurant location
  • Unlimited number of restaurant locations available

Digital Signage Solutions

The surface benefits of digital signage are obvious. Adding a modern content display in your office, shop, hotel, or retail store will improve the look of your location. It will show that your organization cares about keeping up with new digital trends and strives to provide your visitors with the highest level of customer experience.  

But digital signs do far more than give off a good impression. The benefits of digital signage stretch from improving communication and empowering visitors to increase revenue and saving money.

What benefits are you missing by not using digital signage at your location?

Isn’t it about time your business got a technology makeover?

Let’s us get you started!

Contactless Pay at Table

By implementing Pay-at-the-Table technology, restaurant owners are saving their servers both literal steps between the diner’s table and payment station and figurative steps involving inputting checks into the POS system, handling receipts, and adjusting for gratuity.

Customers will thank restaurants too, as this contactless technology and restaurant payments option frees them of the dreaded paying experience, turning a multi-step payment process into a quick transaction that has them on their way more quickly.

Contactless Seating and Waitlist

We provide real-time, precise, and rich location data made available through one platform. Manage your diners; manage reservations, walk-ins, rush-hour queues, online orders; run campaigns, and intelligently tailor staff incentives, all from a single app or web dashboard.  Enriches your existing venue data with deeper, operational information to increase efficiency.  Software will ensure that restaurants aren’t reserving more than what the social distancing norms will dictate. 

How It Works

Our BLE (Bluetooth) platform uses sophisticated and redundant algorithms based on science called “angle of arrival”. With that technology, system locates beacons and location-enabled smartphones throughout your site (and even outside) with pinpoint accuracy, giving you new superpowers to better engage with people and optimize your business.


Welcome guests, add to waitlist and provide updates via pagers or user’s smartphone..


Manage waiting guests, food orders, staff, payments, and delivery to table, takeout or curbside.


Receive rich data on front & back-of-the-house operations. Create dashboards to optimize and scale.