Digital Ordering System for Restaurants

It is much Easier for Customers to Discover New Restaurants when they are on Multiple Platforms.  EXPAND YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT

Not only will your business drive sales solely from the integration of online ordering, but it will also serve as marketing to potential new customers. Promote your business through our partners’  digital ordering system for restaurants specific marketing channel to increase your presence in the digital world.


You Choose the Features

Enhance your customer’s restaurant experience by providing a simple and convenient way to place their orders. By integrating with one of our restaurant online ordering systems, your restaurant can choose to add specific features, thus fully customizing the system to meet your needs. 


Syncs Directly to Your POS

Your restaurant online ordering integration syncs directly with your POS system to avoid any barriers between your customer orders and kitchen communication.  Industry-leading technology to prevent your kitchen from being overwhelmed by too many orders during peak hours.  Customers can conveniently place orders through their mobile devices and more.


Devise Your Own Online Menu

Each of our online ordering integrations are user friendly. Craft your own online menu with little to no direction and retrieve insights at the touch of a button. When pairing with a restaurant online ordering system, choose the option to merge menus from your point-of-sale system instead of drafting from scratch.

Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Seamless integration to old restaurant pos systems too!

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No Commissions

Zero. Zip. Zilch.
‍Which means you can keep those dollar bills, stack your cash, and you own all your customer data. (Other services charge up to 30%) With Unlimited Orders there are no limits to your revenue: no caps, no tiers, no order quota. 500 or 5000 orders a month: 100% is yours to keep.

Boost Your Restaurant Sales

With today’s customers requiring on-demand information, your restaurant’s menu, and ability to order online is no exception. Restaurant sales are proven to increase when online or mobile app ordering is available.

The average online order is 15% higher than the average in-store check. Therefore, you need an online ordering system from one of our partners.

Online or mobile app ordering also provides other benefits for your restaurant including:

  • Increase customer order frequency with exclusive online promotions (first order, online ordering specials, limited time offers, etc.)
  • Reduce labor costs related to employee order-taking
  • Improve customer satisfaction by preventing hold time
  • Mobile options provide the ability to place an order anytime, anywhere
Keep restaurant customers coming back loyalty

Why Not give yourself a technology upgrade?

We have you covered.

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Your Brand, Everywhere!

Enables you to put your menu in front of customers, wherever they are. 100% seamless and white labeled, matching your existing branding to a “T”.  Customers ordering from your restaurant’s mobile app have access to the same features offered online. Your customers can:

  • Create a user profile
  • Save favorite and past orders
  • Place future orders
  • Store credit card information for multiple cards
  • Check their rewards and apply offers
  • Lighting fast 20-second ordering with quick 4 button re-order process

Optimize Overall Delivery Operations

 Streamline your delivery operations and tracks accurate, real-time delivery stats. 

  • One-touch, real-time driver statistics
  • Color-coded order timers to prevent late deliveries
  • Manage multiple delivery zones
  • Delivery reminders by item to ensure order accuracy
  • Integrated Caller ID Management including real-time order statistics
  • Integrated mapping using Google Maps data with turn-by-turn directions
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know who your customers are with loyalty and rewards

Recognize Who and Where Your Customers Are

Get easy access to your customer database so you can create offers that will attract more people just like them! Plus, update existing customer data easily.

  • Require specific customer fields by order type
  • A detailed account of all previous orders
  • Multiple phone number and address storage
  • Loyalty tracking
  • Auto-populate cities and states by zip code

Just Imagine!  Your Restaurant, Streamlined

Now Is the Time!

Convenient Customer Experience

Allowing customers to control their online and mobile food ordering experience promotes repeat business. Through your restaurant online ordering platform customers can:

  • Order as a guest
  • Use a Facebook account to login
  • Set up an account & save multiple delivery addresses
  • Save past & favorite orders
  • Enroll in the Loyalty Program or Email Club
  • Place future orders
  • Store their credit card in the Mobile App
Customer experience ease of ordering
Manage your restaurant data

Enhanced Restaurant Management Tools

Our Cloud POS Online Ordering Admin Portal provides dashboards, reporting, and hundreds of configuration options for your restaurant’s online ordering website.


  • Real-time online sales data is available online or at the store
  • Define customer zones for your delivery area using Google Earth
  • Dashboard views display sales history for quick comparison analysis
  • Management reporting for Top Stores, Bottom Stores, Top Coupons, Bottom Coupons, Orders, etc.
  • Customer activity reports include Lazy Customer, One Time Customers and New Customers