iPad POS System for Restaurant 

Complete iPad POS System for Restaurant to keep customers moving, and stay one step ahead of the rush.  iPad hardware, software, orders, and payments—everything you need.  All in one Restaurant Management Software.

iPad Point-of-Sale for all your business needs

The World’s First Complete, Cloud POS for Restaurants

Point of Sale

Our iPad restaurant POS system is built for front of house, back of house, and speed. From menu management to coursing, every tool helps your team move faster.

Order Ready Notifications – Take orders tableside and get notified when your order is ready

Tableside Payments – Take payments (EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, Contactless, Card) tableside, curbside

Location Overview – A unified view of net sales and labor costs across one location or hundreds

Online Ordering

Offer Contactless and Curbside Pickup – Give guests peace of mind by offering contactless or curbside pick-up during the ordering experience.

Available across all devices – Customers enjoy the same experience whether they’re placing an order on a computer, mobile device, or tablet

Eliminate errors and double entry – Online ordering software that fires orders directly to your kitchen.


Customer Engagement Platform

Self-Serve Kiosk – Let diners take back control. Allow them to place orders, make payments and even sign up for loyalty rewards all from a self-service restaurant kiosk.

Gift Cards & Loyalty – Drive sales and delight customers, engage guests on new channels, create customers for life.

Customer Waitlist – Track average wait timesGuests receive a text-message notification or a phone call when their table is ready.

Point of interaction qsr

iPad Restaurant System

Faster, Smarter, Quicker Service

Give customers the full experience with our restaurant and retail operating system designed with QSR’s in mind. Can be customized to cater to any type of concept and has every modern feature to keep your customers happy.

Take Online, Curbside & Takeout orders

Make service quicker and more convenient for customers

Inventory & Sales Alerts

Receive automated stock alerts when inventory is low.

More Digital Platforms to help you stay connected to your guests in today’s world

Combine the power of the #1 rated Restaurant Operating System with every powerful integration built-in, simply activate, and start making an impact on sales, organization, and customer experience.

Call Center

Manage high-volume calls. An application for accepting and routing orders from a specific location.


Caller ID

Know who’s calling. Improve the customer experience. while you build your customer database.

Cloud Kitchen

Streamline food production, lower your overhead costs, and centralizing large-scale food distribution.

Customer Facing Display

Increase loyalty with a customer-facing display that customers can interact with during checkout.

Customer Loyalty

Pull reports and check loyalty with a program that rewards and tracks customer purchasing patterns.

Real-Time Alerts

Send / receive business alerts and notifications for sales, refunds, low-inventory, scheduling, and more.

Digital Ordering

Single or multiple locations. Send online orders from a branded app or website straight to the kitchen.

Organized Scheduling

Manage, make real-time edits, send notification and alerts to staff about schedule changes.

Same Day Funding

Fast and safe, access same-day business funding in hours and your choice of payment options.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Reduce wait times, offer faster service, and keep customers moving with a sleek and elegant kiosk.


Keep track of a fully integrated waitlist module that makes it easy to manage bookings guests.

Kitchen Display System

Make and dispatch orders faster with a display system for kitchens. Reduce wait times and eliminate errors.


Inventory Management

Track your menu profitability. Keep ingredient costs below-average by tracking purchasing patterns.

Virtual Kiosk

Retake control of your guest experience with our contactless virtual serve solution.


Cloud-based solution for restaurants.

No Up-Front Option

The complete system, no upfront costs

Let us be your guide in an ever-changing competitive field.

We have you covered.

Restaurant Text Alerts

Manage your Restaurant with SMS Text Alerts

Updating your staff has never been easier. Keep your entire team on the same page with quick alerts and automated notifications that can be delivered to your employees’ mobile device.

sms text alerts for restaurants
hand touching screen on self-ordering restaurant koisk

Self Ordering Kiosk iPad

Self-Service Kiosk for Restaurants

Handle high-volume crowds with modern and user-friendly self-serve options that customers are embracing. Add an option that will assist staff and improve the customer experience.

Get more speed, more customer convenience, and immediate ROI with a self-serve Kiosk. Seamless integration with back office sales, loyalty, and inventory tracking.


Decrease Wait Times

With a self-ordering kiosk, customers will have an option available when in a rush.

Better Service

While some customers prefer speaking to a person, others prefer to grab and go.

Full-service restaurants

Manage Your Floor Plans and Tables on the Fly

Let your staff focus on service not software. When the evening rush is in full effect you need an operating system designed to organize and distribute guests so wait staff can focus on serving customers.

manage floor plans tables on the fly
easy menu management

iPad Restaurant Menu

Easy Menu and Inventory Management

Managing a restaurant includes tracking inventory and making sure menu items are available when customers order. With large kitchens and busy dining rooms, a powerful operating system is needed to keep things on track.

Set Optional or Mandatory Modifiers

Set menu entry options for fast and simple modification.

Color Code Your Menu Items

Customize your options with color-coded menu options.

iPad Ordering System for Restaurant

Accept Online Orders Right in your System

Build your own branded app that customers can download and place orders from or offer online ordering that integrates with all the major players in 3rd party delivery such as DoorDash, UberEats, BiteSquad, ChowNow, and others.

Online ordering
waitlist for restaurant guests

iPad Restaurant POS System

Waitlist Built to Improve Guest Experience

For a quick and seamless welcoming process, offer customers an effortless way to add their name to the waitlist, see the estimated wait time and be alerted when their table is ready.

SMS Text Alerts

Update Customers – Automated notifications notify guests when their table is ready.  

Seat More Guests

Less Waiting Around – Take back control with this digital hostess assistant.

Grow Profitability

Happy Customers – Offer diners the world’s best waiting experience.

Let us be your guide in an ever-changing competitive field.

We have you covered.